Following the confusion that arose regarding the status of applicants in the social housing programme in Port Said, Head of the Mortgage Finance Fund Mai Abdel Hamid clarified that only 26,875 of the previous applicants were accepted, after the applications were sorted for eligibility, reported Al Mal News.

Abdel Hamid’s statements sought to clarify the confusion surrounding the status of applicants to the social housing project in Port Said, after a large number of applicants stated that there had been a major delay in receiving the units, having applied for them in 2013.

She noted that the applications were made prior to the announcement regarding the terms and conditions for applying in 2014, and therefore many of the 2013 applicants did not meet the criteria for eligibility.

As such, when the ministry sought to review the applications again in 2016, much of the data that had been submitted was outdates, and many of the applicants had missing information, leading to only 26,875 applications being accepted.

Moreover, some applicants withdrew their down-payments, thereby voiding their applications, Abdelhamid added.