Three new centers have been opened to serve applicants for social housing, national housing, and private sector low-income housing projects, to avoid the congestion resulting from the high turnout, Chairperson of the Mortgage Finance Fund (MFF) and Executive Director of the Social Housing Fund, May Abdel Hamid, said, Invest Gate reported.

The new centers will be opened at the Sadat City Authority,  the New Assiut City Authority, and in Al Shorouk City, and will supplement the existing center at 15th of May City. Abdel Hamid requested that applicants refrain from crowding at the center to apply for social housing units, especially after the opening of the new centers.

The high turnout is due to the increased number of applicants following the recent announcement of a new round of draws for social social housing, Abdel Hamid added. She further pointed to phase 2 applicants in Dahshur, as well as applicants swapping requests from El Salam and New Cairo cities to Badr, 15th of May and Al Shorouk cities.

Additional services are being provided to applicants to facilitate tracking their applications, such as the SMS inquiry service (1124) available for low-income social housing projects applicants. The SMS service notifies applicants of their application status and the following steps they should take. Inquiry services through the MFF website are expected to be available soon.