Mostakbal City for Development has received several partnership offers from real estate developers to develop projects in two land plots ranging in size between 700 – 1000 acres, reported Al Borsa.

The projects are to focus on several sectors such as residential, hospitality, and commercial; the interested developers include a local company and another company with foreign investors and in case of interest a draft of negotiation is to be signed for a period ranging from three to six months.

The work that is expected to commence in the Mostakbal City lands’ project include maintenance, cleanliness, and security, stated Al Wast.

Mostkbal City company for Development holds a total of 11,000 acres across east Cairo; whereas 6,000 acres are dedicated for residential use, 2500 acres are dedicated for commercial, entertainment, education, health, leisure, hospitality use, and 2,500 acres are dedicated for green landscapes and roads.