The New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) assigned tender for a facilities project that is set to be built on 180 acres in New Nubaria City to Nasr General Contracting Company (NGGC) at a cost of EGP 45 mn, Al Borsa reported.

Construction on the project is set to begin next month. The project will see the construction of inner roads and main roads connecting neighborhoods, as well as the expansion of rural sanitation stations, construction of a lighting network, and building basic foundations, according to Nafea Abdel Ghany, deputy head of the New Nubaria City Authority.

The company will start building facilities of 60 acres of lands as a first phase in the project. An area will be dedicated for residential projects that will be finalized within two years, added Abdel Ghany.

NGGC competed with 15 other contractors, including the Arab Contractors Company, Atlas Group, and Cairo for General Contracting, according to Abdel Ghany.