The New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA)  will hold meetings with officials of the housing associations to discuss how to reconcile the conditions of land ownership following the presidential decree to delineate the borders of New Obour City, reported Al Borsa News.

The committee is also discussing ways to reconcile the status to the land in relation to previous land owners, who arrived to the New Obour Authority by the dozens after the announcement of the decree.

The Presidential Decree No 249 of 2016 stipulates the creation of New Obour City, with area of 58,914 acres, according to Al Mal News.

Those with sales and ownership contracts were asked to go to the New Obour City Authority within 30 days of the announcement to inquire about the next steps to validate their ownership.

Amin Ghoneim, Head of New Obour City Authority, affirmed that the Authority is the sole owner of these lands by virtue of the Law No. 59 of  the year 1979 of NUCA.

Further, the pricing  committee developed estimates of the value per square meter  to convert land from agricultural status to residential and will be presented to representatives of the associations.