The Obour City Authority (OCA) executed 10 direct orders of the removal of construction irregularities and occupancy in different neighbourhoods, said Amin Ghoneim, Head of OCA, Invest Gate reported.

The removal orders came in view of a number of construction violations, which include building without a license in the fourth district, increasing the rooftop height, and store owners encroachments by building walls.

Meanwhile, approximately 3,050 people filed their paperwork with the New Obour City Authority to validate their legal standing as land owners in the New City, said Ghoneim.

The New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) and the Armed Forces are now owners  of the 58,915 acres of the New Obour City under the Presidential Decree number 240, for the year 2016.

With the decree in place, any building violations are to be fined and removed which is the reason landowners were asked to validate their status at the New Obour City Authority.