The Ministry of Housing, Utitlites, and Urban Communities is to launch its major infrastructure projects, including a bridge, linking the governorate of Port Said to its industrial zone, and Al Fangary Axis of Rod El Farag in Cairo next June, Invest-Gate reports.

At an investment cost of EGP 68.5mn, the bridge connecting Port Said with its industrial zone is 126 meters long and can accommodate over 90 tons of shipment, according to the ministry’s statement. “This bridge is to serve the industrial zone located in the south and will attract future residential developments to the area expands,” says  Head of the Central Authority for Development Mohamed Nasser.

According to the same statement, the ministry is currently developing Al Fangary Axis in the area of Rod El Farag in Cairo to decrease traffic congestion at a total investment cost of EGP1.15 bn. “This axis is to link Rod El Farag to Al Mosheer Axis in New Cairo and also the Ring Road to east of Corniche,” Nasser adds.