Around nine touristic villages, part of Galala Mountain Development Project in Ein Al Sokhna,  will be offered for developers, reported Al Mal

The touristic villages spread on an area ranging from 80 acres to 35 acres and are located on the Galala Mountain developmental project in Ein Al Sokhna. The project currently is to feature a medical facility spreading on 35 acres assigned to the Saudi-German Development company  and another educational spreading on around 170 acres assigned to King Abduallah University, according to an unnamed source from Developing & Constructing Galala Mountain Project, Al Mal reported.

Galala Mountain invites in a variety of projects including public services and entertainment projects as well as water treatment plant, a rural sanitation unit, an electricity station and three sea water treatment stations; all are open for further investments.

Galala Development project is considered one of the major milestones in the country that will include one of the biggest resorts in Ain El Sokhna.