New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) is now allowing owners of small plots of land in new cities to build an additional floor, reported Al Borsa News.

The Authority requires 25% of the land’s value to be paid calculated according to the current average price per square meter and at the time of purchase to build the extra floor.

The new decision will be applied to the latest land tender offered to individuals which included 21,300 land plots in 21 cities. Also, the 57,400 pieces of land offered in the complimentary auction will be included with the exception of land offered in social housing.

Walid Abbas, Head of Housing Affairs Urban Communities Authority, said the Authority’s decision will apply to all new cities and allows adding an additional floor for land plots earmarked for  residential buildings and villas.

The new total height with the addition of one story to a ground floor and two floors for villas, and a ground floor and four floors for residential buildings.