Orascom Construction has finalized construction on Al Masah Hotel  in the New Administrative Capital, in collaboration with the Armed Forces Engineering Authority, reported Al Borsa.

Further developments are being constructed around the hotel, which is owned by the Armed Forces. The developments are expected to include a mall, conference hall, and lake area. The hotel will be built on 10 acres, and several contracting companies are constructing water and power facilities for the building.

The total costs of the hotel ranges between EGP 700 million to EGP 900 million, as the cost is based on building materials, which have witnessed a recent surge in prices.

Orascom is responsible for developing the area surrounding the hotel, while the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) will be constructing on site facilities.

The neighborhood in which the hotel is built spreads over approximately 100 acres, with 30,000 residential units of areas ranging from 110 and 180 square meters. The district also comprises 190 villas and 71 townhouses in the first phase, and 139 villas and 50 townhouses in the second phase.

The total area for the Administrative Capital is expected to be approximately 168,000 acres, and comprises several districts, such as conference area, show exhibitions area, the governmental neighborhood, the residential district, the sports city, a central park, and a smart city.

Another branch of the Al Masah Hotel is located in Nasr City, and is also owned by military. It was built in 2006 on an area of 35,000 square meters and was expanded in 2014 to 40,000 square meters. Further developments are currently underway for a third phase of the hotel.