Egyptian construction company Orascom is announcing that production and sales at its construction project Iowa Fertilizer Company is starting, the first world-scale greenfield nitrogen fertilizer plant to be built in the USA in more than 25 years, Invest-Gate reports.

Orascom has built this state-of-the-art complex, highlighting the group’s capability as a major engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) player in this segment in the USA and worldwide.

Furthermore, Orascom’s wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary, The Weitz Company, expanded its industrial capability through significant involvement in the project.

The plant has a nameplate capacity of 2,200 metric tons per day of ammonia, 2,200 metric tons per day of urea synthesis, 1,200 metric tons per day of granular urea, 4,300 metric tons per day of urea ammonium nitrate and 900 metric tons per day of diesel exhaust fluid, with a combined sellable capacity of 1.5 to 2 mn metric tons per annum of products.