Multinational research firm BMI Research expects the Saudi construction market to reach a record growth of SR 362 bn in 2025, from SR 170 bn in 2016, Invest-Gate reports.

Advanced construction technology, such as open-source 4D Building Information Models (BIM), can help the Kingdom’s architects, engineers, and contractors to enhance collaboration, productivity, and costs, across the design, concrete and steel rebar installation, and facilities management, Reuters states.

“Saudi Vision 2030 calls for public-private partnerships to deliver infrastructure projects and economic growth,” says Anwar Al Qwasmi, general manager for Saudi Arabia at global construction consultancy Trimble Solutions.

One of the leading Saudi BIM projects is the Abdullah Arif Intersection Bridge in Mecca. Contractors used Trimble’s Tekla Structures to design its 340-meter span, with a superstructure arch that can be dismantled and re-erected.