A Saudi high-speed rail project connecting Medina and Mecca is progressing at a steady pace with 95% of construction works completed, Saudi Gazette reports.

“The 450-kilometer-long railway that will connect Mecca and Medina is one of the Kingdom’s most carefully supervised projects,” says Minister of Transport Sulaiman Al-Hamdan.

Al-Hamdan adds that the project is one of the top priorities for the government as it will ease transportation between the two holy cities. The Saudi Arabian minister also highlights that the project is going on schedule without any delays or hindrances.

The railway is built using the latest technology and the most advanced materials, according to the minister.  “The Haramain Express Train has state-of the-art engines and the carriages have been built using the most advanced technology with the help of international companies,” he adds.

Being built by Saudi Arabian engineers trained in Spain, the train goes at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. The express train is also expected to be ready for testing late in December, 2017.