The second phase of developing the Sahaba Project was launched in the presence of Ahmed Adel Darwish,  Vice Minister of Housing and Development of Urban Slums and Magdi Fouad Hejazi, Governor of Aswan, reported Invest Gate.

The Sahaba Project is implemented over several phases in a joint cooperation between the Slum Development Fund and the Aswan Governorate Fund.

A total of 576 residential units will be available, upon completion compared to the 337 units that were built in the first phase.

“The estimated cost for the second phase of the project is approximately EGP 104 million to benefit 354 households, or approximately 2,288 people,” said Darwish.

The project is part of a larger integrated development plan for the slums which will include medical convoys for patients with liver disease, as well as training and rehabilitation for the people and the youth of the region, Darwish said.