Several projects will be undertaken in Alexandria, including construction of water treatment plants, sewage projects, residential projects, and other developments in surrounding areas, announced  Mostafa Madbouly, the Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities, reported Invest-Gate.

The total cost of the projects is EGP 1.892 billion, and they are set to serve a total of 1.5 million people.

Two projects for drinking water will be implemented in Alexandria at a cost of EGP 757 million, aiming to serve half a million residents, in addition to nine sewage projects at a cost of EGP 135 million.

The projects also include plans for expansion in water stations south of El Alamein at a cost of EGP 257 million, which has been 88% completed, as well as another water sanitation station that will moved from Borg El Arab to Nobareya Lake at a cost of EGP 500 million. Both projects are expected to be finalized by 2018.

A sewage project is being implemented in industrial area of Margham, El Gazam, and other areas surrounding it, at a cost of EGP 346 million. Approximately 28% of the project has been completed, and it is expected to serve 100,000 citizens.

An alternative sewage station is also 92% completed in the area of Al Hesh at a cost of EGP 9 million, and is expected to serve 250,000 citizens. Another sewage project serving other villages is 75% completed, with a total cost of EGP 205 million. It is expected to serve 140,000 citizens and is scheduled to be finalized by mid-2017.

Other sewage projects will be implemented in Al Ras El Soda, Sidi Beshr, Al Sueif, and Smouha, all costing EGP 115 million. There are set to serve 200,000 citizens and will all be finalized at the end of 2017. Additionally, the Thomson, Rehab, Ebn El Nafis projects are set to be implemented at a total cost of EGP 8.19 million, where 35% of the project has been finalized.

A number of sewage projects are also being implemented to cover the area from the New 30th Street to the Ras Al Soda station at a cost of EGP 85 million, and will serve 45,000 citizens.

Another sewage project will be built in the Al Sheikh El Kobra and Galal estates, both at a cost of EGP 12.5 million, 30% of which has been completed, and which is expected to serve 25,000 citizens. Another sewage project will be constructed in  Abo Salas at cost of EGP 350 million to serve 150,000 citizens. Further, the Al-Muhajireen sewage project has been completed at a cost of EGP 3.5 million to serve 70,000 citizens, stated Madbouly.

Three sewage projects have been completed, including a the Sharqia water treatment plant project, which aims to renovate the primary water treatment plant to a capacity of 600,000 cubic meters per day, as well as enhancing two other treatment plants all at a cost of EGP 1.45 billion. The projects will serve 2.5 million citizens.

Other water treatment plants will also be undertaken in the areas of North Coast, El Alamein Coast, and Sidi Abdel Rahman, to serve more than half million citizens as well as enhancing plants located in the New Daba’a Coast, Foka, and Daba’a, to serve 700,000 citizens.

 Other projects also include 14,832 residential units, to be implemented in a social housing project in Alexandria, to be divided as follows: 13,392 in the city of New Borg El Arab, of which 10,176 units are already in the delivery process while 3,216 others are under construction. Further, 1,440 units will be built in city of New Nubeira, as 336 units are in the delivery process, while 1,104 units remain under construction.

Other secondary projects include the expansion of  Cleopatra tunnel at cost of EGP 50 million, wherein 83% of the expansion has been completed, and it is set to be finalized in December. In addition, the project for enhancing Al Malh Bridge in Al Agamy area at cost of EGP 26 million is 80% complete and will be finalized in November.

Eight residential buildings will be built in Talambat El Maks, at a cost of EGP 16.9 million, as well as developing the area of Beer Masoud and developing and enhancing Al Saydeen Bridge at Akasia Lake, at the cost of EGP 2.5 million. All development are expected to be completed in December.