Construction has commenced on several developments in New Tiba City, including three roads that will cost of EGP 22 million, reported Al Mal News.

The developments also include enhancing the desert road, developing a road on 480 acres and another on 680 acres in the area designated for the social housing project.

New Tiba City is located north-east of Luxor, and lies 10 kilometers away from Luxor International Airport

A public library is also being implemented within the city, at a cost of EGP 7 million, according to Ashraf Fathy, Head of the New Tiba City Authority. He added that a public park will also be built on 1.5 acres, and another on seven acres, at a total cost of EGP 1.4 million.

The developments also include building a central hospital to serve residents that contains 150 beds, at a cost of EGP 160 million, and a youth center containing sports facilities and swimming pools, Fathy added.

The total area of New Tiba City is 9,495 acres and consists of 25,000 citizens, in addition to 150,000 commuters who travel in and out of the city.