The Housing Ministry will be offering tenders to developers next January in efforts to implement sewage projects in village of Al Rahawy in Giza, which is financed by the Kuwait Fund at a cost of KWD 45 mn, reported Al Borsa.

The project will be implemented within two years of being offered, and is expected to serve 600,000 citizens.

The project aims at reducing the pollution rate along the Nile River through sewage networks and stations, and will also enhance surrounding villages and provide clean water for agriculture.

The government is expected to refund the Kuwaiti financing over 20 years through 41 installments, whereby two installments are paid per year at an interest rate of 3%.

A committee was previously formed to discuss the project, including representatives from the Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities, as well as the executive authority for water, and the Arab Fund. The committee met last week.