Sheikh Zayed City Authority has requested of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform an additional budget worth of EGP 100 mn as part of the city’s current budget that is allocated for Dar Misr project , an electricity station, and a central park, reported Al Borsa.

Around EGP 70 mn of the requested additional budget will be allocated to implement 1,608 residential units of Dar Misr and finalizing an electricity station; “while the remaining EGP 30 mn are for the construction of the central park’s basic foundation this year,”Gamal Talaat Head of the City’s Authority told Al Borsa.

Samcrete Engineers & Contractors has finalized the construction for networks and digging lakes and is currently preparing to implement the residential units within the project.

The company has previously won contract for a 70-acres-park development last April 2016. According to Talaat, the city’s plan for the current financial year includes a total of EGP 351.8 mn allocated for basic foundation, EGP 125 mn for residential units, and EGP 63 mn for agricultural services.