The Sheikh Zayed City Authority sold 14 out of 22 commercial shops for EGP 8 million in District 13 in Sheikh Zayed, reported Al Mal News.

The price of the commercial units ranged between EGP 8,000 to EGP 30,000 per meter, with the spaces ranging between 20 to 55 square meters, said Gamal Talaat, Head of the Sheikh Zayed City Authority.

The stores are located on the bottom floors of youth residential buildings, and it is expected that intended activities of units that have not been sold in the current auction will be reviewed, Talaat continued.

Work is currently underway to complete the sale of 11 residential and office units in Districts 11 and 13 of Sheikh Zayed, with areas ranging between 55 square meters to 97 square meters, added Talaat.