Slum Development Fund and Beheira Governorate have announced plans to develop El Kassara area in the city of Rashid, as it is considered hazardous. The area suffers from sewage and drainage problems which led to the deterioration of the buildings, Invest Gate reported.

According to the urban development plan of El Kassara area, hazardous residential buildings will be demolished and replaced with five buildings, as well as bridging and raising the soil level.

The state will bear the cost of renting units for inhabitants of El Kassara area, during the reconstruction of the 5 new residential buildings, Head of the Fund, Ahmed Darwish, said. The project is worth EGP 21.3 million, and is due to be completed in 12 months.

Darwish also paid a visit to the deteriorating area of Duweiqa, in Manshe’at Nasser district, where inhabitants are intended to be housed in Al Asmarat 2 project, supported by Tahya Masr Fund.