A new urban development project is due to be built in Al Salam district, east Cairo on the Belbeis Road over a 200 acre area. The project is a collaboration between the Slum Development Fund and the Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design Program at Ain Shams University, Assistant Minister of Housing for Slums and Urban Development, Ahmed Adel Darwish said, Invest Gate reported.

Designs and assessment plans on the project will be finalized by August, and execution is planned to be in collaboration with the Armed Forces Engineering Authority. The project is expected to be completed by August 2017.

The project will be built in line with the sustainability standards which focus on environmental, economic, and social aspects, Darwish confirmed.

The project includes the construction of 15,000 residential units of different models and designs to meet the different needs of the targeted slum residents Darwish said. It will also include public and societal facilities such as schools, parks, shops, mosques, and health clinics, he added.

A space for economic activities will also be provided to offer a variety of work and training opportunities, Darwish continued.

The project represents the sweeping transformation of slums all over the country through targeting them as integrated development projects and eliminating the danger aspect to it while preparing for a productive society that is supported both economically and socially through providing plenty of job and service opportunities, Program Consultant Mohamed Salhein said.

The land allocated for the project was granted by the Ministry of Military Production.