As part of the government’s bid to revamp informal settlements in Cairo, the Slum Development Fund is currently working on the development project of Tal Al Aqareb area in Al Sayeda Zeinab, worth EGP 190.5 million, Assistant Minister of Housing for Slums and Urban Development, Ahmed Adel Darwish said, Invest Gate reported.

The project is due to build 815 units in the area that currently houses 3,500 people, Darwish added.

The architectural designs and development plans have been completed, to be in line with  the historical heritage of Al Sayeda Zeinab, while providing safe housing conditions for its residents, Darwish said.

Each unit is expected to cost no less than EGP 233,000, Darwish pointed out, noting that Tal Al Aqareb residents will not be evacuated from the area, despite the increased cost of construction due to the nature of the groundwork in the area.

The Tal Al Aqareb development project is being constructed to house residents from within the area itself, contrary to some rumors, Darwish said.