The Social Housing Fund approved the allocation of 864 social housing units in New Sohag to Ministry of Interior employees, Al Borsa reported.

The units were reportedly those left over from the social housing program, which had not been reserved by potential homeowners. The units will be delivered to members of Sohag’s Security Directorate in return for full payment for the units and maintenance.

The fund also approved allocation of social housing units to residents of Qaluibya who live in areas deemed unsafe, such as Ashesh El Bakry in Shobra El Kheima and a neighborhood in Khosous.

Approximately 736 social housing units will be offered either for rent or sale in different areas of Qaluibya to residents with monthly incomes of less than EGP 1,500, according to the fund.

The Governorate of Beheira will also allocate 8% of its social housing units to cases where shelter is urgently required, with payments to be made in installments over three years, according to Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities Mostafa Madbouly.

The fund also approved the allocation a number of social housing units located in Wadi El Natroun to workers in Damanhour University. The university is responsible for paying the full cost of the houses, added Madbouly.

Additionally, 72 social housing units have been approved in New Sadat City for the International Oil Extraction Company ( Oilex). The company is set to pay the full cost for the units, including maintenance.