The Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities has reopened the window for applications for applicants who previously applied for social housing units but were unable to obtain them in 6th of October and New Cairo, in efforts to sell the remaining 125,000 units in the social housing program, reported Al Borsa.

Applicants are divided into three categories: reapplying applicants of the same districts and units, those who were rejected due to credit score, and those of lower than the standard minimum EGP 1,000 monthly income – provided they have not withdrawn the down-payment made during the time of applying.

According to Deputy Executive Manager of the Mortgage Finance Fund Salah Hassan, “Once applicants resolve their issues, they become eligible to apply.”

The ministry has also reopened applications for those who wish to change units or specifications in the available units in Badr City and New Cairo. Furthermore, the ministry is developing 90,000 units in 6th of October City as a part of a new phase in a social housing program.

A total of 2,400 social housing units will also be implemented in governorate of Sharqiya, where 19 contractors have been assigned tenders as part of the third phase of the social housing project of the governorate. Sharqiya previously allocated 100 acres spread among four districts to the social housing units, according to Head of the Sharqiya Housing Directorate Mohamed Abdel Fattah’s statements.

He further stated that five land plots in the governorate are currently being prepared for a touristic/ commercial purposes and will be offered to investors in February 2017.