Sixth of October Development and Investment Company (SODIC) is set to reveal “VYE,” the first of three neighborhoods that make up its newest 500-acre integrated project in New Zayed, Invest-Gate reports.

“VYE is developed innovatively and sustainably to target the new generation of home-buyers seeking a modern-day eco-friendly living. It brings to the market the first-of-its-kind expandable apartment within a multi-family building branded ‘Neo,’ giving residents the ability to grow their home as their family grows,” the Egyptian developer said in a press release on December 10. However, details on the project’s land area and investment value were not revealed.

Featuring some solar-powered townhouses and twin homes, VYE promises an eco-friendly living in west Cairo, coming with outdoor areas that are innovatively and functionally designed to cater to sports and community activities. Providing electric vehicle charging stations, the compound will comprise Wi-Fi-connected co-working spaces, amongst intrinsically-linked parks, branded “Nova Parks,” SODIC added.

“Openly connected, the three neighborhoods, within the larger development, will offer different living solutions with free-flow access to the features and amenities within them. Together, these areas will create a one-of-a-kind mixed-use development that will serve as New Zayed’s city center,” read the statement.

Magued Sherif, the company’s managing director, commented, “Having delivered SODIC West, which comprises 15% of Sheikh Zayed and is home to over 15,000 residents today, the company is embarking on a new generation of developments in west Cairo. VYE is the beginning of an exciting journey for SODIC, where we think about the changing needs of this new generation of homebuyers.”

SODIC – the first real estate developer to acquire land in New Zayed – had previously announced plans to pump investments worth EGP 34 bn over ten years, whereby implementing four new 650-acre projects in the new city. VYE will be the company’s second compound to be released in 2019, following the launch of “The Estates.”