Strategic plans for New Obour City have officially begun and are expected to be finalized by 2018, Ragaa Fouad, Vice President of New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA), Invest Gate reports.

“The new city will change the map of Greater Cairo, as it is located near Shorouk and on the road to Ismailia, allowing for the attraction of investments worth billions within a few months,” Fouad said.

The new city is planned to have its own administrative body, entirely separate from the current Obour City. All privately owned land within the New Obour City borders will automatically follow the new administrative body, according to Fouad.

The Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities is planning to call for companies and individuals who own land in Qadisiyah and Amal areas to prove ownership of these lands for inclusion in the city plans. Following of which, the ministry will announce tenders for the extension of facilities to these areas.

New Obour City was created last month through a presidential decree, covering an area of ​​58,914.4 acres, 13,769.819 acres of which will remain under the ownership of the armed forces.