Governor of Cairo Atef Abdel Hamid has ordered Neighborhood’s Heads across the city to offer a particular land plot dedicated to street vendors within each neighborhood in return for EGP 5 per day with the aim of promoting organization and security, Invest-Gate reports.

The governorate had received several requests from Cairo residents in El Marg, Matrya, Ain Shams , Zaytoun, Hadayek El Oba, Shoubra, and El Salam to restore traffic organization, according to a Cairo governorate statement.

Abdel Hamid also announced the development of  a water network project in area of Dayer El  Nahya following the issuing of needed licenses, alongside a rural sanitation project implemented within three weeks at Hadayek El Oba’.

The Governor of Cairo meets on a monthly basis with parliamentary representatives of East and North Cairo to overlook issues and resolutions ensuring stable neighborhoods across the governorate.