Egypt’s real estate developer Tatweer Misr held on May 24 a roundtable on entrepreneurship and creativity, Invest-Gate reports.

The roundtable mainly focused the establishment of a new university that aims to promote the culture of entrepreneurship and the know-how of accelerating small businesses.

“The main goal of the forthcoming project is to offer high quality education that focuses on creativity and entrepreneurship education through partnership with six universities. The curriculum will involve for the study fields the basic of preparing financial statement, setting business plans, and business administration,” Ahmed Shalaby, managing director and board member of Tatweer Misr, says.

The project also seeks to encourage more women to start their own businesses, Shalaby adds.

The small- and medium-sized enterprises are occupying 99% the private sector and 87% of e formal economy. Each small business has at least one goal that matches the UN Sustainable development Goals (SGDs).