Tatweer Misr will execute several international universities in Egypt in collaboration with the International Council for Small Business (ICSB), Invest-Gate reports.  

The company is to build diverse faculties within the universities to provide technical learning that contributing to innovations and entrepreneurship, according to a company press release.

Tatweer Misr and ICSB are to build sustainable urban planning designs as well as environmental building solutions and services in efforts to constitute the basis of Egypt’s development.

“Our dream of higher education is an integral part of our vision towards sustainable and comprehensive development in the local market,” said Managing Director of Tatweer Misr Ahmed Shalaby.      

The company is currently seeking to cooperate with several international universities who focus on entrepreneurship, Small Medium Enterprises (SME) development, and innovation in the core of the education given.

Ahmed Shalaby, who has been recently appointed as Vice President and Board Member of the council, believes that a third of Egyptian youth have initiated their own businesses due to the lack of job opportunities, therefore emphasizing that young people are increasingly attracted to entrepreneurship due to rampant unemployment.

“However, many efforts must be done to promote a culture of entrepreneurship, and that is what the company is focusing on through its partnership with ICSB, as they participate in activities and global conferences,” Shalaby added.