Social Housing applicants for the eighth social housing offering located in Giza, Qaliubya, Alexandria, and Sharqiya are given a period starting next Sunday to transfer their applications to four new cities, Al Borsa reports.

The period of transfer is extended to 15 February, and former applicants are required to submit a proof of income, marital status, and age.

Applicants who are part of the Giza area may transfer to 6th of October City, those located in Qaliubya may transfer to Obour City, and applicants located in Alexandria may transfer to the new Borg Al Arab City, according to head of the Mortgage Finance Fund Mai Abdel Hamid.

Around 375,000 citizens have applied in the eighth offering of the social housing project, including 133,000 citizens competing over 100,000 houses that were being finalized and 242,000 citizens who were competing over around 400,000 units that will all be delivered within one year.