Projects underneath the Suez Canal as part of the canal’s development, including its expansion of last year, are being implemented, Invest-Gate reports.

Considered one of the major engineering project in Egypt currently underway,  Arab Contractors Co. joined forces with the Armed Forces Engineering Authority to construct two tunnels underneath Egypt’s Suez Canal linking the Canal’s east bank with its west.

Representatives from the Arab Contractors Co. and Head of the Armed Forces Engineering Authority Kamel El Wazeer have met on December 18 to follow up on updates of this gigantic project that reaches Port Said international port.

Both tunnels are 6.7 km long and go 30 meters deep underneath the canal. The tunnel is the Port Said- Suez back and forth 2.7 km road while the other is a railway. In his statement, Kamel says, “ We have invested in modern technology to implement the digging and construction of both tunnels.”

Among the projects progressing within this construction plan are sea decks at Port Said port, spreading on 1000 square meters and accommodating 170 tons container ships, Kamel anticipates.