To complete our series of Roundtable discussions of 2021, Invest-Gate is to host local and international real estate market experts and decision makers to explore sought-after products in commercial real estate today, including industrial, administrative, retail, and logistics. In recent years, those commercial products became high in demand within the capital and especially across new cities and are deemed by the state vital for urban development, attracting large local and international investments and opening many job opportunities.



Moving ahead with its Egypt 2030 vision, the Egyptian government has allocated over EGP 10bn to establish three industrial cities and 17 industrial complexes across 15 governorates over the course of seven years. On top of its list come New Administrative Capital, New Alamein, and El Galala cities. According to the state’s plan, those new industrial cities will feature a total of 5,046 industrial units and will provide more than 48,000 direct job opportunities.


  • Addressing the current demand
  • Role of the private sector in Egypt’s industrial development and how vital they are in urbanizing Egypt’s soon-to-be launched new 48 cities
  • Role of PPPs & private sector partnerships for a faster implementation
  • A deeper look in ROI of such large investments on the private sector specifically and the country’s real estate market in general
  • How this product can further attract foreign investments
  • Marketing the products locally and internationally



With the pandemic outbreak and the “Work from Home” or “Remote Work” policy applied across all sectors around the world, commercial real estate in Egypt has not slowed down. In fact, the demand has increased. Currently from 60%-70% of real estate companies provide such product especially across new cities like the New Administrative Capital, where demand is high. Investments on administrative units, for example, have reached approx. 50% during 2020-2021. Logistic real estate is another investment opportunity in Egypt and perceived as one market growth engine attracting foreign investments like the recent launch of Amazon warehouse in Egypt.


  • Addressing the current demand and preferable areas
  • Catering to the current needs following the pandemic given the changed nature of the product whether retail, administrative, or logistics
  • Addressing commercial real estate investment opportunities and challenges
  • Means to attract further foreign investments in those real estate products
  • The role of PPPs and government’s support
  • Marketing the products locally and internationally



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