9 Quotes from Top Female Marketeers on Gender Equality in Real Estate

9 Quotes from Top Female Marketeers on Gender Equality in Real Estate

Invest-Gate finds out what some of the top female marketeers think regarding gender equality and breaking the glass ceiling in the real estate business by answering the question of whether the real estate market continues to be male-dominated.

Below are some quotes from their responses.

1. “Yes, it is indeed. I guess it is a preconception that goes way back, a belief that men are a better fit for managing construction work. But this is slowly changing as women are proving to be more effective in areas that are as crucial when trying to build such a business,” Nellie Nour El Din, marketing manager at Capital Developments.

2. “Not anymore, we keep witnessing everyday that more and more women are competing for various opportunities in real estate. Although Egypt ranks as 118 out of 187 in the UNDP’s Gender Equality Index, there has been significant change taking place in the market for the past decade. Of course, we still need to further support more women and each other in the face of social obstacles. However, having one branch of business being thoroughly dominated by a single gender is definitely vanishing,” Rana Abdel Gawad – Diab, senior marketing manager of City Edge Developments.

3. “Real estate is clearly a male-dominated career but  women are slowly leaving their mark in real estate marketing. After ages of institutional disadvantages, women today are quickly gaining power in the workplace. Time and again, they have proven their worth in academic and professional settings, and in all tiers of business have made clear the importance of female representation — leadership included,” Tuline El Chourbagui, associate marketing director at M2 Developments.

4. “I hate to focus on “gender” limitations. But the fact is that many women still face obstacles in seeing their ambitions come to fruition. So many women work in the real estate industry, but they still do not occupy as many executive-level positions as men. My wish is for all women to have the opportunity to advance in the workspace if they have the talent and desire,” Fawkia El Awadi, group director of Marketing and Communications at Catalyst Developments.


Starting out a new job and navigating your career path might seem difficult at first. Invest-Gate gathers the top advice on how women can start and excel in real estate marketing.

5. “My advice is very basic: Work hard. It is all about getting things done. Yet you have to find your own rhythm, follow the rules but you have to innovate. Do not be afraid of trial and error as long as you continue to move toward your goals. Be open to all channels of knowledge and always keep learning and studying. Invest in yourself and become a knowledge seeker. You are going to come across challenges, and sometimes things will not go according to plan. You should understand that it is how you push through those challenges that makes you successful. What I really learned was how to break down even the most complicated processes into their most minuscule components. It is an approach that you can use to tackle any process in any organization,” Fawkia El Awadi, group director of Marketing and Communications at Catalyst Developments.

6. “There is no need to stick to the conventional communication channels, take a chance with unconventional mediums, and they will help you stand out. One of the main obstacles I faced was trying to make sense of the different dynamics and fast moving trends of the Egyptian real estate market, however, one way to overcome this is by backing up your plans with research,” Nellie Nour El Din, marketing manager at Capital Developments.

7. “Real estate is an extremely competitive field, you need to be updated as to how consumer behavior changes, what are the current trends, and most importantly be in touch with your target. Being a perfectionist in this field can be very consuming if not perceived with a positive attitude and mindset,” Rana Abdel Gawad – Diab, senior marketing manager of City Edge Developments.

8. “The challenge with real estate marketing is that the industry is shown as a tough industry with aggressive competition. But what everyone seems to miss is that more than 50% of a buyer’s decision is based on the woman behind him. Hence, the majority of the developers’ marketing heads are female, talking women to women,” Tuline El Chourbagui, associate marketing director at M2 Developments.

9. “Be passionate, persistent, and always pursue your career goals while maintaining balance between your personal and professional lives. You should also closely monitor the market to understand your target audience’s needs to be able to deliver a strong marketing approach. I strongly believe that obstacles are key to always staying motivated and provide great learning opportunities as well. The obstacles I faced are the reason why I am the marketeer I am today whether them being organizational changes, supplier shortcomings, or anything else; they still have a positive impact in the long run,” Ala’a Saleh, marketing director at Inertia.

The boom in the real estate sector gives more women the chance to join the market and prove themselves capable of taking on any project or executive position. There are many unique aspects to women’s personalities that make them adapt at real estate marketing, as well as, a long list of achievements that serve as a testament to women’s prowess as real estate marketeers.


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