Cornerstone Development Sets New Standards of Luxury for Residential Properties

Cornerstone Development Sets New Standards of Luxury for Residential Properties

Seeking to redefine luxury with its innovative residential property developments and communities, Cornerstone Development’s projects have received wide appeal from many buyers and investors both locally and internationally. Invest-Gate interviews Cornerstone Development’s CEO Eng. Ashraf Boulos to learn more about the company’s ambitions and exciting new plans for the future.

On your website, you say, “We know that luxury isn’t about what you own, it’s about how you feel.” In a nutshell, what’s your definition of luxury and what do you want property owners to feel when they experience luxury at your company’s developments?

Luxury in essence is about offering an experience of exclusivity, elegance, and superior quality. At our company’s developments, we create a sense of awe, comfort, and fulfillment for our clients.

When they experience this luxury in our developments, they feel gratified, esteemed, and delighted; to live their best life in spaces tailored to exceed their expectations and desires. We create this experience through our six pillars: nature, technology, design, art & culture, community, and wellness.

Please discuss the project “RED” in the Mostakbal City and what features of this project make it unique compared to other developments. 

RED is a luxurious residential compound branded and orchestrated by Amir Fayo, a New York-based creative brand strategist, designed & detailed by YBA, the leading multidisciplinary design and architectural house. Interior and landscape designs are developed by the award-winning design house, Studio Five.

Offered at a very competitive price with 80% flexi-finishing, RED’s residential properties are inspired by innovative architectural and interior designs. Inspired by the Red Root Floater plant, the compound features water villas and elaborate floating gardens, evoking a sense of openness and serenity. The compound seamlessly integrates water features into the landscape, offering a sensory connection to nature. RED is designed to create an atmosphere of vitality and growth for homeowners through visually appealing and emotionally uplifting living spaces.

The residential compound offers a variety of amenities for residents, including art and culture facilities like a gallery garden, cinema lounge, talk space, music library, and art living room. For wellness, residents can enjoy hospitality facilities, pools, gyms, spa gardens, meditation cubes, cold plunges, and pilates studios. At RED, community engagement and social life are promoted through coffee corners, coworking environments, aperitivo hour, public lounging, and the social house.

 In summary, what is the current status of the ongoing projects that your company is involved in?

We are currently collecting EOI’s for our project, RED, which was launched in a successful event, marking the start of this new development.

As for our other projects, The Curve is 70% complete, The Terraces is underway for excavation and leveling, and we’re in the final pre-launch stage of our residential project in Glyfada, Athens.

What future projects do you have planned for the years to come?

For the coming period, we will be committed to exploring different land opportunities across Egypt and abroad for both primary and secondary homes, as well as commercial projects.

What is unique about your company’s sales strategy and how are you able to attract many buyers to your projects?

Our company employs a variety of sales strategies to boost profits and market growth. These include direct sales, referral sales, and partnerships with brokers. We also leverage word-of-mouth to attract new clients based on recommendations from existing ones.

What steps have you taken to attract both local and foreign property investments to your developments?

In addition to our significant presence in local real estate events, we actively participated in major international exhibitions in Canada and Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, it is worth noting that 30% of our sales in The Curve came from foreign buyers. Our strong connections abroad help us attract foreign property investors and we also pride ourselves in offering innovative real estate products that meet the expectations of those living abroad.

In the years to come, will your company plan any significant projects in tourism given the current emphasis on this essential sector?

In the near future, Cornerstone Development has ambitious plans for significant projects in tourism, which include coastal projects and an elegantly designed boutique hotel in Mostakbal City.



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