Easy Living: Make Your Home A Sustainable One

Easy Living: Make Your Home A Sustainable One

Having a sustainable home means having designs, appliances, and attitude that would reduce your overall environmental impact and save resources for future generations. An additional incentive to have a sustainable home is saving money. It is no secret that the cost of living has increased in the wake of the recent economic reforms; electricity, water, and gas prices have almost doubled and having a sustainable home means consuming less of these resources. Invest-Gate shows you some of the ways that you can have a sustainable home while saving money and resources.

Make It A Habit

Take It Seriously You can have all the energy saving machines at your house but they will not work if you don’t take sustainability seriously and apply it consciously. The most important key to sustainability is behavior; you should internalize good sustainability behavior until they become an act of habit, without you having to think about them.

Always Turn off Any Unused Light

Watch Your Water Consumption

Recycle When Possible

Moreover, kids learn by example… Instill these habits in your kids and make sure they watch you applying them so that you can have a truly sustainable household. If you have the right attitude, behavior, and mindset regarding sustainability, all the other habits- as discussed below -will fall seamlessly into place.

Save On Climate Control

Some might view having sustainably-designed homes as “trendy” or “hip,” however, sustainable home designs are more practical and can save you a lot of money on the long run.

Installing Double-Glazed Windows prevents heat loss or gain, meaning you won’t have to constantly keep your air conditioner on during summer or your heater on during winter, saving on electricity bills in the process.

Insulate Walls, Ceilings & Floors when switching houses, many interior designers advice. If you are not on a house hunt, make little changes around your house that will benefit you on the long term.

Thermal-Backed Curtains are also another trend designers recommend today to control room temperatures and save on energy.

Install Solar Panels to generate your entire house’s electricity or you can install solar heaters for heating water, depending on your budget. Although solar panels come with a somewhat hefty price tag, it is guaranteed that on the long run, you will save money -even a small fortune- that you would have otherwise spent on electricity bills.

Every Drop of Water Counts

Install Low-Flow Showerheads to control the flow of water and also work on fixing any leaky pipes or faucets you might have around the house. Moreover, you can shorten your showers, maybe put on a song or two while showering and aim to finish your shower before they end. This will also save you time and energize you to keep up with the beat of the songs.

Full-Load Your Machine whether a washing machine or dishwasher to save on water, electricity, and also to prolong the life cycle of your machines

Careful With Appliances

At this modern age, there is an appliance for everything; hence more electricity consumption.

Opt For High-Energy Efficiency Ratings to save a lot of electricity for a more sustainable household. Choose designs that serve a purpose instead of designs that are showy and ultra-modern without a real use. For instance, front-loading washers save more water and detergent than top-loading washers.

Simply Recycle & Upcycle

Finally the easiest of them all, recycling, which is beginning to take shape in Egypt today with a number of NGOs, alongside the government, starting many initiatives. You, too, can take lead on a much smaller scale.

Reuse Shopping Bags & Glass Containers instead of tossing them away.

Get Reusable Portable Mugs & Bottles and have them refilled throughout the day with your favorite drinks instead of using those disposable plastic cups.

Get Crafty & Upcycle, which is the act -or art!- of repurposing old items around your house and giving them new functions. You can search for upcycling ideas on Pinterest from water bottles turning into plant pots and old t-shirts turning into tote bags to candle containers becoming a storage for hair ties.

Say No to Straws whenever you are at a restaurant or cafe and don’t buy plastic straws to use at home. The plastic used in straws takes a long process to be recycled, harming the environment, while you can simply drink right out of the cup.


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