Egypt’s Top Five Unconventional and Inspiring Hotels

Egypt’s Top Five Unconventional and Inspiring Hotels

By Eman El Sherbiney

Parallel to Egypt’s eccentricity and enduring civilization and monuments, hospitality in Egypt can turn the next vacation into a magical and exciting getaway. Scattered all over the country, these hotels have been described by their dwellers as “charming”, “memorable,” and occasionally “quirky.”

To satisfy an appetite for unique experiences, in this day and age, such spots are open year round, with a different charm for each season.

Caves Beach Resort, Hurghada

The Flintstone concept and mountain-rock styled resort is breathtakingly memorable. Comprised of well-equipped 360 caves (rooms), the resort’s exterior nature-like design indicates its charming interior.

Apart from the rock-nature appropriation of the whole resort, starting from rooms and amenities, to restaurants and swimming pools, eating and drinking venues are named after Barney, Fred, Betty, and most famous Flintstone’s characters, to add a jovial atmosphere and a taint of excitement behind each door.

Tunis Village

Lazib Inn, Tunis Village, Fayoum

Two hours to the southwest of Cairo, Lazib Inn Resort overlooks Qaroun Lake, in Fayoum Oasis. This charming inn is the perfect spot for bird watching, safari, trotting through the sand dunes of Wadi Al Rayan, and many other activities.

The greenery and rural traits encompassing the natural retreat add to the fascinating sand dunes surrounding it.

AnakatoAnakato Hotel, Aswan

Overlooking the river Nile in Aswan, with a Nubian theme and warm atmosphere, Hotel Anakato, also known as Anakato Nubian Houses, is an eccentric and beautiful escape from the dizzying noise of Cairo. Surrounded by beauty and harmonious colors, the eco-lodges keep their charm and culture alive for preservation and authenticity.

Anakato lies on the west bank of the Nile, in Gharb Sohail Nubian village. The exquisite hotel is located 15 minutes from Aswan International Airport, 30 minutes by car from Aswan train station, and 10 minutes by boat from the center of Aswan city.

Miramar Heights Taba

Miramar Hotel, Taba Heights

The remarkable architecture of such a metropolitan place reflects its unusual facets more than its views. It is hard to describe the color palette of the resort, given its diversity.

What makes the hotel rather unusual is the alpine background, which adds to the contrast. Some of the hotel’s recreational areas are more lodged into the Red Sea, which makes it more beautiful and unique.


Mena House Hotel, Cairo

The 147-year-old hotel is one of Cairo’s, if not Egypt’s, vintage landmarks. Walking through the prestigious, palace-like rooms gives the feeling of going back in time, where it was the destination for royalties, heads of state, and celebrities.

Egypt’s ancient legacy can be seen upon walking through the hotel, since the view beyond the verdant garden shows the Pyramids. Residents can dine with this dramatic view.

Extravagance can easily attract hotel dwellers, though unusual aspects and character of a place can encourage visitors to frequent the place multiple times. And, since the real estate and hospitality sectors are growing fast, developers can focus and work more on establishing the individuality of a hotel, so that it becomes a memorable destination for travelers.


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