Greek Golden Visa: Your Guide To Long-Term Residency

Greek Golden Visa: Your Guide To Long-Term Residency
Look from above at beautiful Greek city in the rays of summer light

Enjoying the summer on one of the numerous islands that Greece has to offer is one of many benefits to buying a real estate property in this European country, but most importantly, buying a property in Greece can secure the much sought-after Golden Visa. Invest-Gate offers its readers a guide to investing in Greece’s real estate as well as its benefits and requirements.

What is a Golden Visa?

Greece introduced law No. 4521/2014 that allows citizens from any country to acquire a European residence permit by investment, granting them free movement within the Schengen Area.


Any non EU-individual that invests at least EUR 250,000 is eligible to obtain a Golden Visa as long as the main applicant is over 18 years old.

Why Invest In Greece?

Greece offers one of the most advantageous ad profitable programs among European countries.


Quick process: It takes 40 days to issue the residence permit

Return on investment (ROI): Greece will help you get the most out of your Golden Visa by making a profit from your investment

Family members included: Parents, children under 21, and spouse may also benefit

No requirement to live in Greece: There is no minimum stay for the permit to be valid

No nationality restriction

Unlimited renewal of residence permit: As long as you keep your investment you may renew your visa indefinitely

Citizenship option after seven years and under specific terms

Dual citizenship permitted

Additional Advantages

Geographical location of Greece makes it a convenient and strategic place to invest in

Access to the highest levels of medical services, welfare, and education

Low property prices: Profitable investment opportunities due to recession recovery

How To Get A Golden Visa?

First Visit

Visit Greece to pick your favorite property options

Open a Greek bank account and register a Greek tax number

In one week….

Due diligence checks for your property options are carried out by a team of experts

The final property is chosen and purchased

Application of a Golden Visa is submitted and a temporary residence permit is issued

Second Visit

Final visit to Greece for biometric tests and collection of your temporary residence permit

Wait for 20 days, Golden Visa is issued

Criteria And Requirements

• Copy of a registered contract of sale of properties no less than EUR 250,000

• Greek bank account

• Greek certificate of health insurance

• No criminal record is needed

• No need to reside in Greece at any time

• No double certified documents are needed from the embassy

• No government interview required

• No need to disclose source of required funds

• No need to learn the Greek language


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