Insight on 2nd Home Buyers Behavior – Part I

Insight on 2nd Home Buyers Behavior – Part I

By: Hadeel Abdelmottaleb & Aya Rady

With the most exciting season approaching, we look into the second homes market to identify consumers’ behavior, nature, and characteristics to see where it is going … who buys what, where, and how? Invest-Gate’s team put together a summarized wrap up on that special niche market.

So, How Many Own a Second Home?

Egypt’s second home market is promising as only 20% of the population, according to our sample study, own a second home and seemingly it is the wealthy among them who enjoy this luxury, with 80% of owners spending more than one month in their properties.

Social Standards Identified

Second homeowners have an average monthly income of more than EGP 20,000


Average Income

Based on the study conducted, it is those among middle-higher income bracket, who can afford a second home among the Egyptian population at an average of more than EGP 20,000 monthly income.






The age range of second home buyers lies between 40 to 49 years old

Age Range

Traditionally, a second home among Egyptians is more of a family house, where at least three generations get together for long breaks over the year to enjoy quality time with their first or second-degree family relatives. According to our study, the age range of the second home buyers is between 40 to 49 years old and they consume 44%.







Equally 20% of both males and females own a second home

Classified by Gender

The gender of second home buyers of both males and females is equally divided of 20% each, according to our conducted study.







Read more on second home buyers’ characteristics and behavior on pages no. 26-34 at Invest-Gate’s July report/issue.


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