Invest In Real Estate: Advice By Women To Women

Invest In Real Estate: Advice By Women To Women

With the tangible boom in the real estate market, women, too, are actively partaking in this vibrant sector. Women currently invest their savings in real estate. Invest-Gate explores the emerging trend of women investing in the real estate market and becoming first time homebuyers through some of their own experiences.


In order to put this trend into context, one must first thoroughly explore the extent, of which women are investing in real estate. According to  Property finder’s semi-annual report released in 2017, demand on residential units is increasing among women, accounting to 59% of new property seekers.

“It is widely said that 90% of all millionaires become so by owning real estate,” Group Director of Marketing and Communications at Catalyst Developments Fawkia El Awadi  explains.

The reason this saying is so popular is because real estate, as a sector, does not need much professional experience to ensure good financial returns.

Rana Abdel Gawad – Diab , senior marketing  manager at City Edge Developments, shares the same sentiments. She adds that another reason why women now opt to seek real estate investments is due to its long term financial security.

“Real estate is a field, where money maintains its value and creates a barrier against inflation,” Diab says. Additionally, Tuline El Chourbagui, associate marketing director at M2 Developments states that more women are becoming self-reliant and self sufficient in terms of investing in properties nowadays.

“Real estate investment generally has higher return on investment (ROI) so it gives women a sense of safety and security for any future outcomes,” she says.

“Single women,” according to Ala’a Saleh, marketing director at Inertia, “have lately shown some interest in real estate investments due to the fact that they have become more independent.”


It is no secret that amenities and services offered by developers can be either a deal breaker or a dealmaker, according to every client’s unique preference. Marketing experts provide Invest-Gate with insider knowledge on their female targets. Here is what makes or breaks the female real estate investment deal.

Regardless of gender, real estate investors generally tend to go for units that are in high demand in the market. They choose units that can be easily resold in the long run and with a good potential to increase in value, Ala’a Saleh, marketing director at Inertia, notes.

“First-time investors usually start with a small unit in medium-sized projects, with the rationale that it would be easier to rent or resell,” Fawkia El Awadi, group director of Marketing and Communications at Catalyst Developments tells Invest-Gate.

Such small-sized units usually contain two bedrooms and tend to be close to where they live or work, according to Nellie Nour El Din, marketing manager at Capital Developments.

“When it comes to choosing a home, people usually consider a number of factors that directly affect their needs and day-to-day lifestyle; they mainly focus on finding a good location and an ideal payment plan,” Rana Abdel Gawad – Diab, senior marketing manager of City Edge Developments, tells Invest-Gate.

“Customers are becoming more practical, taking into account the economic situation, so they tend to choose functionality and durability over other factors such as size,” Diab explains.

Meanwhile, Tuline El Chourbagui, associate marketing director at M2 Developments, believes that women’s choices are subject to issues such as family, comfort, and practicality.

“Women often invest in medium-sized units with an option of a nanny’s room, as well as, a good family space. As for location, they usually prefer to be next to schools and other vital facilities,” El Chourbagui adds.


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