Investment in Greece, Egypt: Two Law Firms Work Together to Facilitate Bilateral Real Estate, Business Cooperation

Investment in Greece, Egypt: Two Law Firms Work Together to Facilitate Bilateral Real Estate, Business Cooperation

Seeking to explore the successful collaboration between Greece and Egypt especially in the real estate industry, Invest-Gate interviews the two legal pioneers working to help investors and businessmen benefit from the prosperous relations between the two nations, Mrs. Anna Koraki, Lawyer and Founder of ANNA A. KORAKI AND ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM, and Mr. Alaa Saad Moustafa, Lawyer and Managing Partner of Alaa Saad Moustafa Law Office.

How did you come to the decision to cooperate?

Mrs. Anna Koraki: Greece and Egypt are known to have close cooperation in the areas of trade, the maritime industry, energy, culture, and tourism. Greece is the fourth largest European investor in Egypt, with over 208 Greek companies operating in the Egyptian market, and Egypt is Greece’s sixth biggest trade partner.

Having this in mind, as well as the need to represent our clients, led us to the decision to open a channel of cooperation with the Alaa Saad Moustafa Law Office, a renowned law firm in Egypt, in order to handle our clients’ cases safely, accurately and quickly, considering that the legal context differs from one country to the other and that this requires expert knowledge.

Which area of the economic life in the two countries do you think plays the strongest part in your cooperation?

Mrs. Anna Koraki: The area of real estate has most definitely captured the interest of our clients, if we consider the fact that, Egypt, followed by Lebanon, is the fourth country in terms of investors seeking a Golden Visa in Greece, after China, Russia, and Turkey.

Other than private individuals, do you see also companies and businesses interested in investing?

Mr. Alaa Saad Moustafa: The real estate market in Greece is a pole of attraction not only for individuals but also for businesses from Egypt. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that several Egyptian businessmen have made their entry into the Greek real estate market by jointly establishing real estate management companies in Greece, with the scope of activities of buying and selling real estate for residential buildings, providing hotel services and offering services of drafting environmental impact designs and feasibility designs for technical projects.

We also see a strong trend of Egyptian buyers interested in investing in the luxury market and the construction of contemporary hotel complexes with private swimming pools and other luxury accommodation facilities.

Apart from the real estate market, which other areas may your cooperation concern?

Mr. Alaa Saad Moustafa: Other than investing in real estate, Egyptians are also strongly interested in establishing warehousing and logistics centers in Greece, with the vision of making it a transit country for Egyptian products exported and a key gate of entry to European markets. In parallel, Egypt has also been attracting similar investments by Greek businesses, considering that Egypt is the gateway for the entry of Greek products into African markets.

Do you have a seamless cooperation?

Mrs. Anna Koraki: The aim of this cooperation has always been to serve the needs of our clients. Our primary principle is to listen to our clients and their needs and try to achieve the best possible results.

Note that our firms have extensive experience in legal matters and a deep knowledge of the laws and the legal context governing their respective country. Therefore, our cooperation is based on mutual trust, respect, and hard work, so that our clients remain satisfied.

ANNA A. KORAKI AND ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM is one of the leading law firms in the field of buying and selling real estate. With its twenty years of experience in the real estate sector in Greece, our firm can successfully overcome any legal setbacks that may arise during the process. Our cooperation with the largest real estate agencies in the country is constantly enriching its portfolio with new properties for sale, customizing our suggestions for investment to the objectives and business plans of each interested party.

Likewise, the Alaa Saad Moustafa Law Office based in Egypt has many years of experience in the area of real estate and established cooperation with consulates and businesses.

For more information, please contact us at, or call +30 210 8250008


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