Latest Design Trends for Second Homes

Latest Design Trends for Second Homes

From coast to coast across Egypt, families tend to lodge in their second homes during summer to enjoy the country’s mesmerizing beaches and breezy weather. So if you are a new owner, or in a renovation mode, Invest-Gate puts together a list of your interior design must-haves for an ultimate cozy living by the sea. Here is what’s trending for seasonal residences alongside the strongest elements in designing as suggested by interior design experts TDF Architects CEO and Founder Hala Saleh and Associate Partner at Ökoplan Rowaida Rashed.

Light it up

Light fixtures add drama to any place, somewhat identifying its nature and character. Whether interior or exterior, the latter is a central facet of any home design to add warmth and harmony.

Speaking of the latest in lighting designs, Saleh opts for “wall- washed and ambient lighting with dramatic accents.” Such lineaments help amplify the ceiling height and make small rooms look larger, she adds.

As for exteriors, one usually prefers to showcase the house and its landscape rather than create a light show. For that, Rashed, Ökoplan’s associate partner, sees, “Front yards better have warm white lighting fixtures, with simple, contemporary, and minimal features, to complement the look.”



Make Room

Spacious setup is the go-to plan in interior design these days, especially when it comes to your seaside homes. Space gives your house a more hospitable character; and given that most second-home units are filled with guests all summer long, roomy receptions or seating areas are a must.

“Living room has the lion’s share,” Rashed notes. Yet, bedrooms acquire the smallest space, but “functional,” she clarifies. So use your blueprint wisely when designing your second house. Additionally, designers prefer open-concept kitchens in seasonal residences, as they make the entire space feel like one and allow cooking areas to blend seamlessly with living rooms.

Rashed believes that second homes also mean that indoor living is getting extended to outdoors, where there is usually a large terrace garden. So it is preferable to dedicate a wide outdoor living area and utilize it properly for night parties or casual family gatherings.

Comfy Cozy Furniture

When designs are implemented, furniture stands as the most essential part since it brings function to spaces. For Rashed, multi-functional, flexible, and simple pieces, with straight-line designs, are always the best choice for vacation houses.

To create a more sleek transition between spaces as well as a coherent decoration that makes the home feel airy, “built-in furniture is the key,” according to Saleh. Free-standing furniture that is loose and puffy is also another trendy option, she explains.

Speaking of fabrics, Saleh highlights that the trend also goes toward bamboo and natural organic materials, as well as, a lot of ash and rough textures.

Go for Natural Tones

Colors are usually one of the main factors that bring feelings of summertime to your second home. Saleh and Rashed see that neutral tones, in general, are the best choice for they work with any style or taste, including beige, cream, ivory, and taupe. Such color palettes also help change the home-style from time to time by adding some art pieces and materials of distinct patterns and colors, giving a totally different look each year, the latter notes.

All in all, Rashed believes that bright shades of white such as light blue, salmon, and sage green gives life to all things around.



For Non-Waterfront Homes

Owners of non-beachfront units do not get the privilege to enjoy the joy and serenity of stellar views and fresher air that waterfront properties relish. Yet, applying some interior design tips can make such owners have the feeling of living on the water. Invest-Gate asks design gurus Rashed and Salah for some pieces of advice to make the best out of their homes, regardless of the home view and features.


Provide inner views for all units such as a garden

Offer a public space for every group of residences, featuring walkways and swimming pool

Avoid back-to-back units to leave a room for passages



Add artworks that suggest summer

Use accessories that add an airy, cloudy feel to spaces

Maintain less complex lines, architecture, and accommodation of furniture

Apply the Mediterranean color scheme



In the end, design trends are always changing and transforming just like seasons. But, the general rule is that your summer home is all about leaving you and your guests with colorful, optimistic, and playful impressions. Summer asks for freshness, always!


Read more on Latest Design Trends For Second Homes on pages no. 38,39 at Invest-Gate’s September issue.


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