Out & About Guide: Unlocking Regal Ramadan Venues

Out & About Guide: Unlocking Regal Ramadan Venues

As the lanterns are lit to celebrate the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, all food venues become crowded and excitement gets doubled. However, eating out in Ramadan is sometimes a risk, since there is no much room for special customization. This is why Invest-Gate recommends a few favorite venues and food outlets to enjoy an unprecedented Ramadan season in a city that never sleeps.

Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel

After two successful years, Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel welcomes this year Ramadan with its Arabian-style tent, Afandina, in its brand-new look. The tent will take you to a whole new continent and make you wander off to India, while experiencing the bright Indian colors that will give the place this extra allure. The tent will make you savor delicious Sohour with some new additions to meet all tastes.


Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski

With The Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski, you won’t need to look further than Bab Al Qasr for “royal” Ramadan nights. The tent offers great live entertainment hosting everyone starting from local stars to underground bands. The place serves Iftar and Sohour throughout the month, with menus that have plenty of mouth-watering mezza, an eclectic range of main courses, and lots of side dishes and yummy desserts


InterContinental Cairo Semiramis

InterContinental Cairo Semiramis will bring back this year iconic Ramadan tent, Fawanees. While offering a magnificent Nile view, Fawanees by Nile Terrace has a variety of culinary choices for authentically flavored Iftar, outdoor Sohour, aromatic shishas, and live entertainment. The tent promises a unique dining experience that is truly memorable!


Cairo Festival City Mall

Cairo Festival City (CFC) Mall, owned by Al-Futtaim Group Real Estate and located in New Cairo, gives you the opportunity to enjoy the festivities of Ramadan nights, offering you various Iftar vendors that bestow grilled kofta, shawarma, and some other Ramadan-themed stations. You can have a meal of your choice in various Ramadan tents that spread an oriental vibe, whilst enjoying your shisha, Ramadan drinks, and relaxing tunes.


Point 90 Mall

Decorated with lanterns and beautiful ornaments, Point 90 Mall awaits New Cairo residents this Ramadan to properly celebrate and enjoy the arrival of the holy month. It is a luxurious place where you can look fancy, enjoy delicious meals, and revel in the dazzling decorations. Ramadan is a month of gathering and love, so make this one count!


Conrad Cairo Hotel

If you are looking for a safe bet that will prove to be a satisfying experience, let us tell you what central Cairo’s Conrad Cairo Hotel has to offer during the blessed month. Everything is better with a view, and if you want to spend a spectacular Ramadan night in the company of your loved ones, then Conrad Cairo’s Jayda Nile Terrace, which is home to the hotel’s mesmerizing Ramadan tent “El Lama El Helwa,” is exactly what you need. The tent not only offers delicious Sohour meals, but it also boasts a daily live entertainment and an exceptional ambiance.


Mall of Egypt

At Mall of Egypt, which is located in 6th of October City, Ramadan nights are more special and memorable. Enjoy your Ramadan meals, both Iftar and Sohour, at Mall of Egypt’s vast array of food outlets, while being entertained with several live performances of some of the most prominent bands, and enjoy an assortment of oriental and international food and beverage. Do not miss out on a wondrous night!


Mall of Arabia

As always, Mall of Arabia in 6th of October City offers you an unforgettable Ramadan experience. From the dazzling decorations to the wide range of food options and entertaining events, Ramadan nights at Mall of Arabia are like no other. Join this year’s gleesome spirit and make every night of the holy month count.


Arkan Plaza Mall

Promoting a new concept for shopping, Arkan Plaza Mall makes one of the most attractive commercial and social spots in Ramadan, with access to a diverse array of dining outlets, ranging from fancy lavish restaurants to oriental-themed eateries. Arkan Plaza will also impress you with its awe-inspiring designs and decorations. If you aspire to soak up in an unrivaled Ramadan-themed atmosphere and enjoy abundant activities in one place, head to 6th of October’s Arkan Plaza.


Capital Business Park

Hosting a massive number of successful events and featuring a bunch of famous brands, Capital Business Park in Sheikh Zayed stands out as a perfect entertainment choice for leisure seekers. Ramadan nights will glow like never before with “El Nafikha” event that takes place at Capital Promenade every season, offering a unique and cozy experience coupled with oriental brass music. Amidst breathtaking views and exquisite ornamentation along the walkway, the great combination of entertaining activities will ensure your time is well-spent.


Palm Hills Club

Palm Hills Club will never fail to change your mood and relieve your stress in Ramadan. A perfect depiction of the typical Egyptian local suburbs will catch your eyes at “Al Hara” tent, which managed to be one of the posh Sohour venues for several years with its festive lights and numerous food carts.

Additionally, the 6th of October venue will host a slew of recreational events during this year’s holy month, including “Nine and Iftar” and “Ramadan Scramble,” attempting to gather a massive number of people and unleash the exclusive spirit of the blessed month.


Katameya Heights

A whole new level of leisure can be experienced in Katameya Heights. The lush green hills of the vast golf and tennis courts, along with one-of-a-kind entertainment facilities, distinguish Katameya Heights from its rivals and make it a favorite destination for all family members. Summon up your Ramadan’s memories at one of the most vibrant hubs in New Cairo and get yourself surrounded by spectacular landscapes, as well as, exceptional restaurants, bars, lounges, and terraces.


The Platform

In case you are looking for a serene and cozy place in Maadi to chill out and escape from your daily pressures, The Platform will mark the perfect getaway for you. In addition to an amazing collection of stylish restaurants extending across the Nile Corniche and offering a variety of cuisines for Iftar and Sohour, The Platform presents thrilling activities that you will never want to miss, including Yoga sessions, rowing experiences, and sunset cruises. Refresh your mind, cleanse your soul, and experience Ramadan’s spirit at its best in this marvelous and remarkable spot.


Concord Plaza

For an alternative and exclusive experience during the holy month, Ramadan spirit is all glamoured up at Concord Plaza to another level, by offering unmatched interactive Ramadan activities and outdoor sparkling decorations. The one-stop destination hosts an array of restaurants and food vendors to serve the Ramadan eateries during the fasting month. Also, it offers a wide range of interactive and entertainment activities such as The Battlefield Egypt and Black Ball Sporting Club, to add up to the venue’s captivating spirit, alongside the abundant hanging ornaments and colorful lanterns.


Westin Cairo Golf Resort & Spa

Westin Cairo jumps head-first into the Ramadan spirit this year, with its sparkling vibes and festivities coming a month early. This year’s Ramadan at Westin Cairo is all about the late-night Sohours and shared Iftars, with only a few hours in between to catch your breath, while enjoying some live oriental beats and exceptional Tanoura performances. Whether you are heading for Iftar or Sohour, you can also get to relish a night at the hotel by benefiting from Westin’s Ramadan special room rates.


Tivoli Dome Heliopolis

To be honest, not all places can serve delicious food in Ramadan, but there is no need to panic over what you can eat outside for Iftar or Sohour for Tivoli Dome Heliopolis has got your back! From Enab Beirut and Mori Sushi to Burger King, Chili’s, and Starbucks, Heliopolis’ Tivoli Dome has it all when it comes to the kind of crowd-pleasing restaurants and cafes Egyptians love so much. “Ramadan Nights Bazaar” also takes place every weekend during the holy month, hosting an eclectic range of vendors that cover everything from food and drinks to fashion, accessories, and more.



Galleria40 is always keen to celebrate the holy month in style, with favorite beats on, amazing food served, and a true Ramadan vibe. For three years, Galleria40 has been running Cairo’s oldest Ramadan tent, “3alTawla.” Weekdays at 3alTawla will make you hard-pressed not to forget the daytime struggles of the blessed month – with a lineup of comedians, bands, and other entertainment activities awaiting at the tent. However, the weekend is when 3alTawla really comes alive; El 7anafeya brings a long list of some of the best entertainers lined-up throughout the month to offer you a chillaxing after-Iftar night.


Find out more about the top Ramadan hangouts on pages no. 36, 38, and 40 at our May issue.


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