Ramadan Nights-Out: People’s Choice

Ramadan Nights-Out: People’s Choice

Reporting by Julian Nabil and Ola Noureldin

With variety of places from tents to developers’ hubs in the holy month of Ramadan, everyone has a different preference and budget when it comes to iftar and suhoor. Invest-Gate has surveyed a number of people about where they would like to spend their time and how much they would be willing to spend. Here’s what they said!

 Mohamed Ashour, a 30-year old economist, prefers to go to restaurants in developers’ hubs– especially for suhoor – rather than tents.

“Tents are usually closed with no good ventilation and this is neither good for health nor safety,” Ashour tells Invest-Gate.

“For me, Ramadan is also a spiritual month so I try to avoid venues with too much dancing or music performances such as tents.”

Ashour loves gatherings in Ramadan so he usually spends iftar and suhoor -outside home- with friends. Ready to pay around EGP 100 for suhoor and EGP 200 for Iftar, he says that he searches for a place that is “cool and tranquil, as well as offers an excellent customer service and quality food.”

Meanwhile, 54-year old Azza Ahmed tells Invest-Gate that she prefers to spend time with her family and friends wherever they are.

“What matters to me more is the company. Ramadan is the one month in the year when we all wait to gather and see each other, so it doesn’t make a difference where we will be at as long as it is not so crowded and offers good food,” she says.

She adds that developers’ tents are a unique experience that is not available for Egyptians throughout the year.

“I would love to have suhoor at a tent at least twice a month since they are only found during Ramadan. I usually avoid going out for iftar since the time is very limited between Maghreb and Taraweeh prayers. We do not get enough time to spend together,” she tells Invest-Gate.

Norhan El Shemerly, a 26-year web designer, shares Azza’s sentiments as she loves to spend her Ramadan time in a tent when it comes to suhoor.

“Ramadan tents are more entertaining and offer various activities,” El Shemerly says. “I usually look for a place with good food and service, and a nice view, while providing live performances,” she adds.

Preferring to spend Ramadan gatherings with friends, especially suhoor, she says “I’m willing to spend around EGP 100 for suhoor and EGP 200 for Iftar.”

Finally, Omar Maher tells Invest-Gate that during Ramadan he prefers to spend his time in hubs like the Waterway and Westown Hub as he does not like altering his routine.

“This is where I usually go out anyways. The only thing I like changing during Ramadan is to spend more time with the family, other than that, my outings with my friends are in the same places,” he says.

To know more about venues that cater to every preference, check this article.


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