Real Estate Promotions Heat up for 2019 Hottest Season

Real Estate Promotions Heat up for 2019 Hottest Season

Summer euphoria is all around, rushing the real estate sector into a maniac season, during which active market players spotlight their coastal projects and bring out their utmost offers to let their clients avail a wide range of competitive benefits and a variety of exclusive packages.

While schools are off and preparations for summer vacations are on the loose, rivalry among real estate developers and brokers intensifies as they race to capture the high demand and deploy the most effective marketing tricks and techniques. With sales and rentals of coastal properties statically proven to reach their peak during this season, Invest-Gate explicates the immense diversity of real estate advertising campaigns, while comparing various promotional approaches and reaching out to foreign marketing experts for their opinions.

Summer Propaganda Hits Property Market

Given the shrinking purchasing power and the increasingly limited number of actual buyers within the Egyptian property market in general, this summer season marks a new challenge confronting the growing pack of real estate companies operating in coastal cities. Thereby, here is exactly where the significant role of marketing departments comes into play.

Nowadays, real estate marketeers are exploring more options to meet their promotional targets, and they consequently have to work out the right combination of marketing techniques to use. Traditional tools such as TV ads, billboards, and direct phone calls have been reliable for so long, whereas new ideas and advertising mechanisms such as online campaigns, social media posts, promotional events, and business partnerships are provoking the innovative mindsets of marketing executives to incorporate them in their plans.

Generally speaking, all marketing aspects should be taken into consideration, including the content created to entice potential clientele, budget allocated for each marketing line, timing set for each campaign, and locations chosen for promotional activities.

After all, integrating marketing communication tools all together is the optimal option for developers to unceasingly expose their brand and publicize their projects, while dividing promotional budget across different channels should be attentively carried out to take full advantage of peak seasons, such as summer, and convey curated marketing messages to the maximum number of prospective clients.

Tips & Tricks For Booming Summer Campaigns

Whether they opt for strategies set out by their internal marketing teams, or outsource professional marketing services from external agencies, mega developers are always required to come up with innovative and unique marketing ideas to stay ahead of the curve and retain their appealing image.

An article headlined “43 Creative Real Estate Marketing Ideas & Strategies” featured in “Fit Small Business” website, listed a bunch of out-of-the-box marketing strategies and cited a large number of top-producing international real estate agents.

The article implied tips such as featuring ads on moving trucks or billboards, sending fridge-worthy postcards to clients, highlighting offered units with professional photography, hosting annual parties for clients, crafting a personalized message for buyers, creating a client testimonial packet, chiefly choosing the content that sells more, to name a few.

Here is What our International Expert Daniela Andreevska Has to Say:

Speaking of summer, Invest-Gate reaches out to Daniela Andreevska, marketing director of US-based real estate data analytics company Mashvisor, and gets the best practices and golden tips for promotional actions Egyptian real estate firms can apply and put into effect.

Speaking of locations, Andreevska reckons that advertisers should place their ads in hot summer venues, noting that people tend to spend more time outside in the summer, visiting parks, gardens, swimming pools, and other outdoor entertainment places. She further indicates that these ads could be banners, flyers, brochures, short videos, or anything else that would catch the eyes of frequent visitors.

Hosting a summer event or joining one, in the marketing director’s views, is also an efficient strategy to grab the consumers’ attention. “Depending on your marketing budget and on the preferences of your local community, you can choose the best type of event; you can host a barbecue, a sports event, a scavenger hunt, or a fun day,” she explains.

When it comes to digital ideas, Andreevska encourages real estate companies to create virtual tours of their coastal properties and post it on their website, social media, send it with mailshots, or use it as an ad in local hot summer destinations.

The everlasting golden tip is to pep up the real estate brand by using summery and cheerful designs for both printed and online ads, while ornamenting the company’s offices and chosen venues with flowery plants and connecting the brand identity to the summer season in every possible way, Mashvisor’s marketing director concludes.

Simply put, real estate marketing is all about sending the right message to the right people and making use of every potential exposure opportunity targeting prospective clients. That’s why property developers never get enough of marketing ideas and welcome every summer with new astounding campaigns, while merging the right mix of old-school promotional strategies and super advanced marketing tools.

“If you really want to succeed as a real estate professional in summer 2019 and beyond, you should combine traditional real estate marketing ideas with high-tech ones to create the ultimate marketing strategy,” Andreevska concludes.

Find out more on real estate summer marketing campaigns on pages no. 20-23 at Invest-Gate’s August report/issue.


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