Rekaz Developments Uplifts The Real Estate Market

Rekaz Developments Uplifts The Real Estate Market

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“Simple, yet significant”… These subtle words embody Rekaz Developments’ outright motto, by which the company abides, and to which it adheres. Launched in 2016, Rekaz is a dynamic Real Estate Development Company that proffers to the Egyptian market various sustainable projects; while simultaneously maintains a unique harmony between premium quality, exceptional customer service, and cutting-edge innovations.

Rekaz takes the lead in attaining excellence

It is out of the question that, ever since its inception, Rekaz has been on the lookout for taking the Real Estate sector by storm, especially in the MENA region. However, being at the frontline of any field imposes certain criteria, as it is always easier said than done. Believing in this fact, Rekaz took it upon itself to set out its journey by developing high- end projects that promote the existence of self-sufficient and sustainable life, focusing on the quality of its deliverables and bespoke services, in addition to providing an exquisite lifestyle and timeless designs, which would be able to stand the test of time.

Adding to the previous, Rekaz has also been aware of how significant the provision of close, undivided attention to every detail is. So, stemming from this preciseness, the best locations get duly selected, the most consummate innovative architects and interior designers get headhunt, and the most reliable contractors and consultants get reached out to, given that the company’s robust strategy revolves around these unparalleled values..

“Creating beauty through harmony and proportion” – Tamer Bakeer

Taking pride in his creation and success, Tamer Bakeer, Founder and CEO of Rekaz, stated: “Most of the people are acquainted with the term; Golden Ratio, which is creating beauty through harmony and proportion. Meaning, when it comes to designs, Golden Ration is all about the unique and natural-looking compositions that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. As a result, while executing all our designs and projects, we always have this term at the back of our minds.”

To start with, innovation, for instance, is deemed to be one of Rekaz Developments’ essential pillars, given that the company provides its clients with smart buildings, which encompass a multiplicity of services that proffer more convenient lifestyles, along with impeccable business operations.

Based on that, together with Rekaz Developments’ objective to be distinguished and ahead of the curve, the company has been making strides regarding this matter. Now, Rekaz can proudly claim that adopting smart solutions while building its projects, is one of the company’s remarkable fortes.

Additionally, Rekaz avidly believes in sustainability, and thus provides the Egyptian society with eco-friendly buildings that enable its clients to enjoy the experience of living and working in a smart, secured, and comfortable atmosphere. In other words, it is extremely indispensable, for Rekaz, to provide its clients with sustainable green buildings, in order to guarantee healthy, safe environments; hence ensure a better future, in the long run.

But how can sustainability be attained through designs? The answer is easy, as the previously-mentioned gets achieved via improved ventilation, insulation, and natural lighting, which all have a positive impact on the occupants of any building. This, in turn, results in the obtainment of good health, the realization of productivity, and the overall advancement of the quality of life.

Last thing to be added about this matter is that all the company’s projects get designed with regards to all factors and features that are in the environment’s favor. For instance, the kickoff of any project, under the umbrella of Rekaz, gets carried out in accordance with certain regulations and conditions, including the efficient resource use, the provision for resource recycling, the systemized waste management and minimization,the offsetting of carbon emissions and air pollution, the reduction of operational and maintenance costs, and the utilization of sustainable materials and techniques.

A Roadmap to the summit

With that being said, let us introduce you all to one of the company’s flagship, prestigious projects; Opal Business Complex. In fact, Opal takes place in the New Administrative Capital (NAC), as well as acquires a unique architectural design, with luxurious interiors and exteriors, leading to a nomination for the “Big 5 Impact Awards”.

It is also noteworthy that prior to starting up Rekaz, Tamer Bakeer has founded DARA Architects in 2003, which is specialized in Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Project Management, and Renovation. Throughout its journey of 20 years in the MENA Region, Dara Architects has been able to stand out from the crowd by receiving 3 local and international awards.

To conclude, Rekaz is a pioneering company that plays an important role in Egypt’s 2030 Vision. As a result, the company is currently on the verge of expansion, and is expected to launch new projects, in different governorates and cities across Egypt, namely New Alamein, Hurghada, 5th Settlement, and Sheikh Zayed – during the upcoming period. Besides, Rekaz is beyond ecstatic to announce that 50% of Opal has been sold out.


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