Sell Your Home Online Like a Pro in Four Easy Steps

Sell Your Home Online Like a Pro in Four Easy Steps

By Eman El Sherbiney

Commonly, homeowners seek the help of real estate agents and small-scale brokers to sell their properties. Such endeavors can yield success or deem the process as a failure. However, in this time and age, where accessibility to such commodities has been digitized, preparation and marketing real estate can be more lucrative for the homeowner if done through online research and proper presentation.

Multiple elements play into the equation of selling a property. Such a process can be lengthy and cumbersome if done while unaware of all the market trends, or it could be rather easy if the homeowner is well informed.

  1. Assessment and Pricing

When pricing a property, home sellers should be realistic as to ask for the approximate price. It is a common misconception to set the price higher than actual value, in order to leave room for haggling; however, often if sellers set the price too high, they jeopardize the sale by encouraging potential buyers to exclude the property offered from their initial screening process.

Comparing properties’ prices in the current market is a good start to get a rough idea of an appropriate price. Other factors are put into that equation such as extra work, renovations, or lavish decorations in the property, which can amplify the chance of selling said house, as well as add value to it.

  1. Keep an Eye on the Market

To be even more realistic, the seller should consider scanning the competition. Other homes, sellers, and new residential projects should be borne in mind to help the seller know what he or she is up against on the market.

A quick online search can help price the property reasonably in relation to such factors.

  1. Market the Product

Properties are like any other commodity in term of economics, hence the need to market it in a way that highlights its distinctive attributes and qualities. For example, showing the tidy exterior of the home, especially if there is a landscape, as well as the interior in a clear and beautiful manner helps make the property look more desirable.

Reducing personal belongings can help potential buyers imagine his or her prospective home. Aim for basic, clean, and spacious photos. Additionally, highlighting the space of each room or compartment paints a rough idea of what the place looks like. Additionally, incorporating colors in some areas and refurbishing the home is bound to increase its chances of being sold.

  1. Presenting Your Home Online

Now that the place looks perfect, presenting it through web portals is critically important. Instead of random snapshots, preview pictures should be meticulously taken in relation to proper lighting, angle, and quality. It is preferable to take such pictures in the daylight.

To continue to the marketing step, choose a prominent and trusted online real estate broker.

A few examples of such reputable brokers are Coldwell Banker (CB), Diarna, Aqarmap, and ERA Egypt. Through these outlets, the description, price and location should be particularly clear, so as to speed up the sale and reach potential buyers.

The steps described above may all seem like minor details, however, it is the small details that enhance the perception of a property, resulting in a speedy selling process.


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