Shaping the Future of Housing: Connect Homes’ CEO & Commercial Director Share Their Vision

Shaping the Future of Housing: Connect Homes’ CEO & Commercial Director Share Their Vision

Standing out as a leader in the real estate industry, Connect Homes has been a driving force for innovation within the local market. Invest-Gate had the opportunity to interview the company’s CEO Shehab El Mahdy and the Commercial Director Mohamed Amin for deeper insight into how Connect Homes’ excellent services are setting new standards for market growth.

Throughout the company’s history in the Egypt market, what were some of its main challenges and achievements?

Shehab El Mahdy: As a company that has been operating for 11 years, we pride ourselves in having a rich history of impressive achievements and challenges that we have managed to effectively overcome. With a vision to reshape and modernize the modular housing industry, we have made significant progress as we grow and expand within the market.

Though we faced initial difficulties with market fluctuations and ensuring consistent quality for our clients, our company’s resilience and dedication to excellence were pivotal in helping us resolve these challenges.

With the company’s foundation over a decade ago, how has it changed over the course of its history, and what key factors have ensured its excellent performance up till now?

Mohamed Amin: Innovation, creativity, and a thorough understanding of client needs have driven our exceptional business performance to the present day. Throughout our history, we have always looked for improvement in our solutions and services, adopting an agile approach to ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. Our flexibility in adapting to a constantly evolving market environment has been a key contribution to our continued success.

We are also happy to say that the diverse backgrounds of our company’s founders are also a secret behind Connect Homes’ remarkable achievements. This rich variety of skills and perspectives brings a myriad of solutions to the table, allowing us to tackle various challenges in a creative and innovative manner.

How has the company culture at Connect Homes contributed the most to its success?

Shehab El Mahdy: At Connect Homes, fostering diversity is a key element of our corporate strategy that has enabled us to achieve milestone after milestone. The combination of human capacities and the rich variety of talents we have in our company enables us to generate creative and practical solutions to complex problems as our company continues to grow.

Our success has also been in ensuring that our employees are working in a safe and healthy workplace and that has been one of our main priorities. For this reason, employee safety and strict compliance with critical safety procedures are core concepts in our company’s policies. Conducting frequent safety audits and implementing demanding training programs are an imperative part of how we operate. Even the well-being of our employees outside of the workplace is important to us, which is why we provide wellness programs and promote an environment of open communication.

What would you say is Connect Homes’ main competitive edge?

Shehab El Mahdy: Our special attention to quality is the ultimate secret to our success, making our company unique to others in the market. We at Connect Homes believe that residential properties are more than just buildings or houses; they are living spaces that carry significant emotional value for families to create memories together and work towards a better future. By prioritizing quality as a key pillar in every aspect of the business, Connect Homes has successfully ensured that it is the customer’s first choice.

We have also managed to gain the unwavering trust of trust and confidence of many developers in the market. This came as a result of our keenness to forge robust and strong partnerships with them, seeking to foster mutual cooperation and success.

What approach does your company use to ensure employee satisfaction and a low turnover rate?

Mohamed Amin: Our greatest asset is our workforce, and ensuring their happiness is of utmost importance. We provide training courses and career development opportunities to substantially contribute to their
professional growth within our company. Through promoting an inclusive and encouraging work environment where all opinions are respected and heard, Connect Homes prides itself in having a staff of committed professionals with a low turnover rate.

As an ideal employer, our company also provides competitive benefits, work-life programs, and a supportive atmosphere that inspires individuals to perform well while ensuring the welfare of employees outside of the
workplace as well.

How has your corporate strategy and planning been effective in supporting your company’s expansion and stability?

Shehab El Mahdy: Our process for strategic planning entails careful analysis and risk evaluation. We evaluate any obstacles, carry out market research, and create backup plans prior to making any significant decisions or expanding. By taking a calculated approach, we reduce risks and can make decisions that support our long-term stability and growth.

With emphasis on thorough planning and preparation, we have achieved a prestigious position in the market which continues to grow. In addition, we have been able to gain a solid foothold in new markets while upholding our dedication to quality and client satisfaction by minimizing risks and seizing opportunities.


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