Sophisticated Marketeers: Women Who Excel in Real Estate Marketing

Sophisticated Marketeers: Women Who Excel in Real Estate Marketing

This is the age of gender equality and shattering the glass ceiling. As the real estate sector is advancing in Egypt, women marketeers are not only rising to the challenge, but also excelling in their jobs and occupying executive positions.

In honor of International Women’s Day, Invest-Gate presents to you 10 quotes from five leading female figures in real estate marketing on the special aspects women add to the real estate market.

1. “I think women have an advantage as they are more familiar with the needs of a family when it comes to buying a home. It is in our nature to think through all aspects of an environment that is best to host a family and equipping it with essential elements in order to make it most welcoming,” Rana Abdel Gawad – Diab, senior marketing manager of City Edge Developments.

2. “In a male dominated industry, women play an important role in bridging the gaps between sales and marketing. As Marketeers, they need to be, and often are, fully aware of what is happening in the real estate scene in terms of trends, economic changes, different communication strategies, potential sales opportunities, which they then effectively communicate to their respective target markets,” Nellie Nour El Din, marketing manager at Capital Developments.

3.“Women in real estate are ambitious, talented, and hungry for advancement. They are more adaptable to change and are more in touch with their intuitions, which enables flexibility in outcomes. Women use elements that would touch the consumers’ mindset and values. They strive to succeed,” Tuline El Chourbagui, associate marketing director at M2 Developments.

4.“I am not fan of defining any role based on gender. I find it all to be based on passion, performance, and what you are able to give whether you are a man or a woman. Of course, women naturally have more creative capabilities and pay more attentions to details. They know how to deal with stress and manage multiple tasks better. The female salesperson has an ability to empathize with potential customers, making her exceptionally well suited to the needs analysis portion of professional selling. Men tend to want to jump right into fixing things and offering solutions but women are natural listeners – the key skill for a successful salesperson,” Fawkia El Awadi, group director of marketing and communications at Catalyst Developments.

5.“Women by nature are meticulous and are details oriented which creates a balance when it comes to marketing. Additionally, when buying a home, even though males provide financial support, women greatly influence the decision. As a woman marketeer, I know how to tackle and reach the mindset of women,” Ala’a Saleh, marketing director at Inertia.


More often than not, women are behind the success of some of the leading real estate marketing campaigns and projects. Female marketeers reveal to Invest-Gate some of their accomplishments in real estate marketing.

6.“My biggest achievement was being part of Inertia’s growth and witnessing how it evolved from being a boutique company to becoming a leading real estate developer in Egypt,” Ala’a Saleh, marketing director at Inertia.

7. “The biggest achievement of my career would definitely be launching City Edge Developments. Taking part in such a broad-ranging project that aims to be the national brand for premium real estate developments in Egypt is an extremely rewarding experience. Through extensive hard work and a series of challenges, I realized that working within a team of dedicated professionals had a tremendous effect on my own quality of work,” Rana Abdel Gawad – Diab, senior marketing manager of City Edge Developments.

8.“I would consider meeting and surpassing a multibillion sales target at one of my previous employers to be one of my biggest achievements in a scene of continuously challenging circumstances,” Nellie Nour El Din, marketing manager at Capital Developments.

9.“I was able to fully create and launch more than 18 successful real estate projects with a focus on delivering a superior brand experience. But, I think my biggest achievement and my main strength is having a ‘circular vision’, which enables me to be a well-rounded person, knowledgeable, and experienced in different areas of business and fields like hospitality, residential, commercial real estate, resorts, and commercial shopping malls,” Fawkia El Awadi, group director of Marketing and Communications at Catalyst Developments.

10.“My biggest achievement in my career was being part of creating an “out of the industry” communication campaign. With the “Hello Real Estate” campaign, we, as M2 Developments spoke from one developer to another for the first time in Egypt, creating a new language in campaigns. This enabled us to reposition ourselves within the industry and it opened doors to new marketing and communication strategies without any boundaries,” Tuline El Chourbagui, associate marketing director at M2 Developments.


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