TAMEER Teams Up with LEADS TFM, Falcon & LYVE to Promote Community in AZAD

TAMEER Teams Up with LEADS TFM, Falcon & LYVE to Promote Community in AZAD

Right before it kicks off delivery for its New Cairo compound, AZAD, this month, real estate developer, TAMEER, signs cooperation protocols with several leading community management and security companies as part of their commitment to delivering a safe, well-connected and sociable community.

“AZADians” experience at AZAD compound will be enhanced with TAMEER’s cooperation with top maintenance and facility management company LEADS TFM, community experience management company, Lyve, and partnership with one of Egypt’s leading security companies, Falcon, to provide complete protection for all residents.

The New Cairo compound begins delivering several residential buildings this month, with apartments ranging from 140 and 306 sqm ready to move into, and charming views across the location’s 55 acres.

AZAD’s prime location, situated across from the American University in Cairo and within the center of New Cairo, provides accessibility to major road arteries that lead through Cairo.

TAMEER promises AZAD to be a sociable and lively community by the end of 2021, with its new collaboration with LEADS TFM, Lyve and Falcon leading the charge to establish a community of active and hands-on neighbors.

Along with a range of post-delivery services for residents “AZADians)”, such as internal finishing packages developed in partnership with Mona Hussein Design House, TAMEER will launch a special community management application to facilitate the management of the AZAD neighborhood as well as promote a sense of community and socialization between residents.

Launched in cooperation with Lyve, a community management platforms dedicated to gated communities, the application includes the ability to request maintenance services such as lawn mowing and acts as a communication platform for residents as part of the company’s efforts to establish a strong well-connected community.

During its 66 years of experience within the Egyptian real estate market, TAMEER has delivered more than 27,000 housing units, building upon a long-lasting legacy of credibility and success to support growth in the coming years.

AZAD acts as the stepping stone for the developer’s plans to accelerate growth in the upcoming years, with the project set to greatly contribute to the modernization of the company’s investment and operating vision.








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