The Five Destinations for a Budget Vacation

The Five Destinations for a Budget Vacation

By Eman El Sherbiney

There is hardly any point in spending an exorbitant amount of money on a short vacation if it ends up being over taxing and stressful. Another reason to aim for a cheap vacation is the increase in the possibility of frequent short escapes from Cairo’s overbearing chaotic life. Finding a cheap vacation house contributes a lot towards keeping vacation costs down and allows you to focus on relaxation rather than your wallet.

Saving money depends mainly on a number of factors location, how and where to look. In the present day, it is fairly easy to find an affordable vacation house online that actually delivers on its promises.  Impromptu research on the spot occasionally works for certain destinations.


Sinai’s southeast town of Dahab is one destination with an abundant number of affordable vacation houses. Dahab has proven to be cheaper in general despite its charm and beautiful views.

Dahab’s cheapest spots can be found online or through brokers in the town itself.


Unlike the usual correlation between stunning sea views and increased rents, Nuweiba defies such concept, offering various prices around the small South Sinai City.

Either through recommendations or online portals, holidaymakers can actually obtain apt, clean, beautiful and equipped beach houses, rooms and bungalows, with prices ranging from EGP 150 – 600 a night, which can house individuals or groups.


The port city of Safaga is one of the most under-visited and underrated spots in Egypt, yet is also a very affordable place to vacation.

Besides the reasonable rentals that can be found in Safaga, the Red Sea views and multiple activities, such as diving, are major selling points.


Placing Hurghada on a list of budget-friendly vacations could come as a surprise since Hurghada is one of the most beautiful and popular spots in Egypt. Similar to Dahab, however, online portals and brokers can provide a house on a tight budget, without the need to scale down.

The real estate market has been blossoming around Hurghada, which is another reason the city is less costly than others.


Aswan’s signature Nubian houses offer an affordable rate per day. The houses can fit up to 8 people at a time and some are attended to by the generosity of the city’s residents.

A lot of factors have played into the dwindling rental rates in different spots across Egypt. One for sure is the heightened sales in properties across the country, as buyers intend to benefit by renting out their properties. A slump in international tourism versus the blooming domestic tourism is another factor which seems to have helped working-class holidaymakers find more accessible vacation homes.


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